Hail, Traveller

Hello and welcome to my scrap of nowhere.

I’m Andrew, an unpublished novelist, Internet reviewer, voracious devourer of entertainment media and all-round geek. Since having a blog is something you’re supposed to do if you’re any kind of writer, I thought I should actually get around to establishing my own realm of communing unbidden with the cosmos. This way I can point emphatically to it upon being asked if I have a blog and thus avoid the looks of slack-jawed incredulity upon informing the enquirer that I don’t.

I’ll be posting things about writing and some of my own work, film reviews that don’t fit elsewhere I write them (more on that later), and general musings on TV, books and comics. Basically, this blog will act as a depository for the disassociated miasma of thoughts clogging up my brain circuits in the hope of freeing up more processing power for dealing with Real Life.

In case you were wondering, the blog’s name is a reference to a retrospectively irritating tool of procrastination utilised by many writers. Whenever the writing process produces a mistake, badly-written section or detail requiring further research, often the author will tell themself “I’ll fix it in the edit.” Cut to three months down the line when said edit is being undertaken, and the writer’s current psychological incarnation strongly desires to reach down a fist-sized temporal wormhole and bitchslap their past self for such unapologetic laziness.


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