Caffeine, Bovine Bile and the Afterlife

Several years ago Red Bull ran a creative writing competition. Named the Red Bull Tall Story Contest, the idea was to write a short story that could be adapted to become part of their next ad campaign. Each tale was uploaded to a website where readers could rate them and by the time the deadline hit, there were a little over a thousand entries and mine had reached number 28 in the rankings. Personally, I don’t think 28th out of 1000 is too shabby a performance. About three months later, a shortlist of fourteen entries was announced, which I was somewhat pleased to discover I was on. The next announcement, about two months later, was that three stories had been chosen, one of which wasn’t on the shortlist. Not quite sure how that came about, but never mind. There weren’t any further updates after that, and in the end there was never an advert made that corresponded to any of the shortlisted tales, so I assume the organisers either got bored or forgot about it.

Anyway, here is my entry, Cloud Nine. Since most Red Bull ads were originally visual concepts with little or no dialogue, I aimed to keep the story’s events in line with such an aesthetic.

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