I Hear the Voice of Rage and Ruin

Blood Moon Rising CoverMy principal ambition in life is to become a published author. My main ongoing work is a series of urban fantasy novels set in modern day Edinburgh and although each of them will be a separate story, they will all contain aspects of a single overarching plotline running through them which will culminate in the final instalment. Provisionally referred to as the Regulator Series after the profession of its principal group of protagonists, I’m hoping to change this at some point, just as soon as I can think of a better one. However, coming up with titles has never been a particular skill of mine, which is why so many of them tend to be references to something or other.

As well as the events of the novels, there is also a history of major events leading up to the start of the series which stretches back to some point circa 580 AD. I’m not exactly sure when, but it was the point when St Columba was said to have glimpsed the phantom island of Rocabarraigh. The series is intended to be ten volumes long; three have currently been completed and the next two are assorted fragments of varying size. The novel titles are, in chronological order:

Blood Moon Rising
Red Day Dawning
Saints And Sinners
City Of Lost Souls
Blasphemy And Genocide
Glory, Riches And Honour
Resurrection Men
Gods And Monsters
Armageddon Flame


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