Subtitled Online Part 3: Festivals

One of the great things about film reviewing is all the free stuff and professional access you’re granted, and one of the best of these (I think) is free entry to film festivals.


Edinburgh International Film Festival
I’ve been going to Edinburgh’s annual film festival for years, but 2012 was the first time I did so as a (semi) professional, as was officially designated by my press pass. It had a scannable barcode and everything!

Going mad with the power, I spent a fortnight practically living in Cineworld, The Filmhouse and The Cameo, and barely sleeping as each day’s films spun around in my head, jostling for attention as I tried to write each of them up. Because of the sheer volume of films seen, I split the event overview into two parts.

As well as the world cinema efforts for Subtitled Online, I also saw Brave, The Facility (or Guinea Pigs as it was then titled) and Killer Joe for Movie Muser, purely because they looked good but didn’t fit with SO’s editorial.

I only saw a couple of films in 2013 (Frankenstein’s Army and Longing For the Rain) since at the time I was otherwise preoccupied with getting married. This year, however, my creative insomnia will once again be utilised to its fullest extent.


Dead By Dawn
An annual festival of horror films at Edinburgh’s Filmhouse, it’s an unglamorous but wonderfully lively affair, and shows a huge variation of recent and classic horror films, both features and shorts.


Scotland Loves Anime
Yes. Yes it does! An annual event organised by Andrew Partridge, a guy who has a hand in practically every piece of anime imported from Japan, it showcases a number of features – both new and classic – as well as short films from up and coming animators.


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