Accel World (Part 1)

A new review is up on Starburst’s website, part one of anime Accel World. It’s a sci-fi series featuring players of a secret virtual reality MMO fighting game battling each other for supremacy and accumulation of the power to slow perception of time in the real world. Click on the cover to be taken to the review.

Accel World Part One

Set in the near future where emerging technology allows the information grid to be directly accessed by the human brain via neural implant, people now spend just as much time in the virtual world as the real one. Haru is a short and overweight schoolboy with crippling self-confidence issues whose only solace is his skill at online games, but after a beautiful older girl known only as Kuroyukihime invites him to join MMO fighting game Brain Burst, his life begins to change. Players accumulate Burst Points from winning fights that can be used as a kind of neural enhancement, where the user’s perception of time in the real world can be slowed almost imperceptibly slowly (one second equating to sixteen minutes), allowing them to do almost anything.


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