Accel World (Part 2)

New Starburst review. The second half of anime series Accel World (scroll down for the first). Compared to how good the first half was, it was distinctly unimpressive.

Accel World Part TwoYou’d have thought that part two of Accel World would carry on in the same direction that part one left off, with Kuroyukihime and her allies battling for increasing dominance of the Accelerated World and their progress to supremacy revealing more about the multi-faceted dreamscape along the way. Sadly, we get nothing of the sort, and are instead subjected to a laborious and overextended story driven by that most rancid of stale plot devices: blackmail. Read the rest here.


2 thoughts on “Accel World (Part 2)

    1. This is certainly the first time I’ve had such opposing reactions to different parts of a series. I really liked the first part and I wish I could have enjoyed this one as much. I just found Nomi/Dusk Taker to be such a childish and irritating villain it was difficult to take him seriously.

      I understand the series is based on books, but I thought that the one this part relates to could have been told with far greater efficiency. I’m guessing that later stories involve Haru being taken over by the Armour of Catastrophe, and I think that would have been a far more engaging plot for the series.

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