John Ferguson Interview


A while ago I did an interview with John Ferguson, the writer of fantasy comic book Saltire, that was published in Starburst. A small excerpt is below. The guy can really talk.

“I’ve always had a big interest in the superhero genre and mythology, and I thought that comic book superheroes are essentially modern mythology. The Spider-Mans, Batmans, Supermans and Hulks of the world exist because America is such a new country it doesn’t have old myths, an old world or heroes of the past to point to, so they created new ones. Scotland is the oldest country in the Western world and has more mythology, legends and folklore than anywhere else, albeit not very well known. As superheroes are based on mythology, it seems odd to suggest that Scotland couldn’t have one of its own. You just take the two and stick them together! Scottish history is almost a story in itself, so we decided to do a pseudo-history of the country. We don’t know our own history very well; people are aware that the Romans came to Scotland but they aren’t very sure what happened. Same with the Angles and Saxons, or the Vikings. So I thought that’s perfect: stick a giant blue superhero in there and fill in the blanks. Since people don’t know exactly how these victories were achieved we can throw in a fantasy element.”

Read the rest here.


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