Attack On Titan (Part 1)

New Starburst review. Attack On Titan is an awesome anime series about monstrosities relentlessly attacking and devouring the last remaining remnants of the human race and the soldiers who suicidally attempt to defend them.

Attack On Titan (Part 1)Over a century ago saw the appearance of the titans, gargantuan humanoid creatures driven by nothing but the instinctive and seemingly senseless imperative to consume humans. The survivors of the subsequent slaughter retreated behind vast concentric walls too high and strong for the titans to pass. There they lived in uneasy peace for a hundred years, until the appearance of a colossal titan four times the size of the largest previously seen and another with an armoured carapace, both of which smashed though the outer wall as though it was wet tissue, allowing a horde of the monstrosities through to overwhelm the outer cities and force humanity behind the next wall. Read the rest here.


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