Hans Petter Moland Interview

Hans Petter Moland

Hans Petter Moland is a Norwegian director whose new film In Order of Disappearence screened at the Edinburgh Film Festival in June. I had a chance to interview him, but it was ultimately done through a proxy as the slot I was given was unfortunately right in the middle of the screening for Snowpiercer. And there was no way in hell I was missing that!

“We’re so used to seeing people die in films, we don’t think twice about it, we don’t think of it as human beings losing their lives and vanishing from the face of the earth. I always thought it far more interesting to make people’s deaths be significant as opposed to just clichés. Even though some of them are bad people and their lives are taken without much sorrow, they’re still human beings and they deserve a moment of silence, but also without losing the comedy of the situation. It allows then to die in undignified manners, but at the same time still marking their death.” Read the rest here.


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