HK: Forbidden Superhero

New Starburst review. HK: Forbiddden Superhero is a batshit insane Japanese film about superheroism born of kinky perversion. Astoundingly, it was adapted from a manga.

HK: Forbidden SuperheroKyosuke is just an ordinary schoolboy, drifting through his teenage years unnoticed and unappreciated. Until one day, he discovers that when he puts women’s underwear on his head, in a flash he is transformed into the world’s kinkiest superhero: PERVERT MASK! Born of a masochist police officer and a dominatrix, his father’s sense of justice and his mother’s unbridled kink unite to create a force for righteousness unafraid of pain and unshackled from reason. The world of crime won’t know what hit it. In the face. With a bulging nutsack. Read the rest here.


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