The Whispering Skull

New Starburst review. The second book in the Jonathan Stroud’s young adult series Lockwood & Co series (the first, The Screaming Staircase, is here), about teenage paranormal investigators and ghost hunters.

The- Whispering SkullSoon after Lockwood, Lucy and George uncover an old grave containing a corpse bound by all the trappings to contain a malevolent spirit, the excavation site is robbed and a mirror of bone that kills whoever looks into it is stolen. With thieves, thugs, scavengers, murderers and opportunists all searching for the mirror, not to mention the trio’s sanctimonious rivals from a huge ghost hunting agency, there is little time to track down one of the most dangerous objects ever unleashed. Also, the mysterious skull in a jar hidden away in Lockwood’s basement has begun talking to Lucy, and it seems the spirit may know more about what’s going on than anyone. Read the rest here.


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