Constantine Season 1


“My name is John Constantine. I’m the one who steps from the shadows, all trench coat and arrogance. I’ll drive your demons away, kick ’em in the bollocks and spit on them when they’re down, leaving only a nod and a wink and a wisecrack.”

As a big fan of the Hellblazer comics, when the Constantine series started I decided to do reviews of each episode for Starburst. It was quite an undertaking to regularly produce lengthy and in depth reviews, but it was also quite fun. Each episode’s review is below.

Episode 1: Non Est Asylum

Episode 2: The Darkness Beneath

Episode 3: The Devil’s Vinyl

Episode 4: A Feast of Friends

Episode 5: Danse Vaudou

Episode 6: Rage of Caliban

Episode 7: Blessed Are the Damned

Episode 8: The Saint of Last Resorts (Part 1)

Episode 9: The Saint of Last Resorts (Part 2)

Episode 10: Quid Pro Quo

Episode 11: A Whole World Out There

Episode 12: Angels and Ministers of Grace

Episode 13: Waiting For the Man


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