Sleepy Hollow Season 2

Sleepy Hollow Season 2

I really enjoyed the first series of fantasy horror series Sleepy Hollow, for reasons best explained by this thought on it:

“There are no two ways about it: Sleepy Hollow is truly, utterly and unapologetically mental, and it knows it. However, its genius is that it strikes the perfect balance of absurdity and solemnity that took Supernatural years to perfect, comporting itself with just enough decorum that you’re able to take it seriously despite being fully aware of how completely bonkers it is.”

When the second series was about to begin I decided to to episode-by-episode reviews for Starburst’s website, which was as fun and taxing as doing the same for Constantine, particularly at the same time. Each review is individually linked below.

Episode 1: This Is War

Episode 2: The Kindred

Episode 3: The Root of All Evil

Episode 4: Go Where I Send Thee

Episode 5: The Weeping Lady

Episode 6: And the Abyss Gazes Back

Episode 7: Deliverance

Episode 8: Heartless

Episode 9: Mama

Episode 10: Magnum Opus

Episode 11: The Akeda

Episode 12: Paradise Lost

Episode 13: Pittura Infamante

Episode 14: Kali Yuga

Episode 15: Spellcaster

Episode 16: What Lies Beneath

Episode 17: Awakening

Episode 18: Tempus Fugit


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