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Bust #1

In a future America ravaged by a plague of mutants, Bust tell the story of a casino card dealer forced to become a gladiatorial pit fighter who becomes a symbol of resistance for the people against the sadistic oppression they live under.

Post-apocalyptic despair never gets old.

Bust #1In the America of the near future, a mysterious virus has ravaged humanity, turning people into mindless slavering mutants and leading to the downfall of civilisation. The last bastion of humanity, Austin, Texas, is a decaying purgatory, merely a populated reflection of the post-apocalyptic wasteland outside its walls. The only difference is that the chaos is orderly, structured, refined. Read the rest here.


The 6 Voyages of Lone Sloane

The 6 Voyages of Lone Sloane is a lavish and lurid space opera of short but intense stories mixing pulp sci-fi with garish fantasy, all told in Baroque artwork. It’s pure ’70s and utterly glorious.

The 6 Voyages of Lone Sloane6 Voyages begins with space traveller Sloane being chosen by a sentient throne and taken to the mad priests of a dormant deity, where an experiment gone wrong imbues him with phenomenal cosmic power and accompanying madness, so beginning a ceaseless journey across the universe and encounters with the bizarre entities populating it. Read the rest here.

Out of Time

Out of Time is a surreal but amusing one-shot comic about the employees of a corporate time travel company battling with office tedium and people wreaking havoc with the space-time continuum.

Out of TimeAs new girl Lizzie is shown the ropes by cynical time traveller Redmond, we are introduced to a bizarre set of people and a surreal world is haltingly revealed, her presence facilitating a series of vignettes that takes us through the incongruous everyday of futuristic life. Imagine the crew of Red Dwarf starring in a 2000AD Future Shock and you’ll be some of the way there. Read the rest here.

Purity Ring #1

Purity Ring is a series that mashes together the concept of pledges of teenage virtue with the tropes of slasher movies. Great fun.

Purity RingThe eve of a tragedy’s first anniversary sees a murderer begin to stalk the quiet streets of Wexworth, a small town dripping with classic Americana where the annual Purity Ball is the highlight of the social calendar. But like any place whose populace make a concerted effort to convince themselves how perfect life there is, it soon becomes apparent that things are anything but. Read the rest here.

City of Lost Souls

City of Lost Souls is a gleefully violent and depraved horror comic about a dead serial killer haunted by the ghosts of his victims searching for a way to free them all from their purgatorial limbo.

City of Lost SoulsAlthough City of Lost Souls unflinchingly showcases the utter nadir of human nature in bursts of brutal fury, the dialogue manages to mine a vein of dark humour that prevents it becoming too disheartening, while the artwork continues to delight in the gleeful depravity of onomatopoeic viscera

Read the review of issue #2 here amd issue #3 here.


Vietnam Zombie Holocaust

Vietnam Zombie Holocaust is a mental and violent horror war comic. Its title really does sum up everything you need to know about it.

Vietnam Zombie HolocaustWar, as they say, is hell. As if being shipped out to a tropical inferno where death by sniper bullet can descend from every treetop, a unit of Vietnam GIs also have to contend with a rogue platoon of zombie soldiers created by a scientist who appears to be a cross between Herbert West and Tony Stark’s evil brother. Their deployment was intended to win Nixon the war, but in the best tradition of mad science being unleashed untested into a hostile environment, it has all gone horribly, horribly wrong. The first two issues are linked below.

Issue #1

Issue #2

Royal Descent

Royal DescentRoyal Descent is a brutal and violent satire on the current state of UK, skewering monarchism, reality TV and politics, collecting a fair amount of controversy by incorporating recognisable representations of real people in its carnage.

The current monarch and the 49 specimens in closest genealogical proximity to her have been dumped on the uninhabited Hebridean island of Mingulay and must systematically slaughter each other in a quite literal battle royale. The resultant blue-bloodbath is televised throughout the country as the mass entertainment and when it’s all over the last one standing is crowned ruler of jolly ol’ England.



Each issue is reviewed individually below.

Issue #1

Issue #2

Issue #3