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Nobody Can Cool

Nobody Can Cool is an awesome neo-noir thriler by first-time feature directors Marcy Boyle and Rachel Holzman (jointly known as Dpyx). Tense, intense and relentless, it’s dark, twisted and great fun. I’d already seen it at the Jennifer’s Bodies ladyfest horror festival in 2014, but I quickly took the opportunity to see it again and write a full length review of it.

Nobody Can CoolYoung couple Susan and David head out to a friend’s cabin for a weekend to resolve their issues, but upon arriving find it already occupied by Len and Gigi, who turn out to be criminal lovers on the run after a job went wrong. The undesirable situation quickly escalates into a series of shifting power plays and unyielding tension. Read the rest here.


Blood Punch

Blood Punch asks the question of what do you get when veterans of children’s TV set out to make a horror/comedy/drama/crime/sci-fi movie starring a trio of twentysomething New Zealanders from a previous iteration of Power Rangers? The answer is something pretty damn awesome.

Blood PunchMeth cook Milo is broken out of a rehab clinic by alluring bad girl Skyler and her psychotic cop boyfriend Russell in order to manufacture a huge amount of drugs in a single day. The secluded cabin where they hole up soon becomes the setting for a tale of madness, chaos and death. Read the rest here.

Star Leaf

Star Leaf is a independent sci-fi horror, full of trippy visuals and drug humour, but is also a lot deeper than the average stoner comedy.

Star LeafIn a short space of time Star Leaf manages to build interesting characters and efficiently convey a number of ideas without glossing over them or cramming them in, thus providing, like the journey of its characters, a slightly bewildering but ultimately fulfilling experience.

Read the rest here.

Kung Fury

Kung Fury

Kung Fury, on the vague chance you’ve not heard of it, is a gloriously mental sci-fi action throwback and is as perfect an example of an intentionaly bad film made for comedy value as you could ever hope to see.

While mimicking the retro cheese of VHS trash is still a popular filmmaking style (seen most notably and effectively in the likes of Planet Terror, Manborg and Iron Sky), Kung Fury elevates it to a whole new level. And then blows it up. To say that the film is over the top is like saying that standing in the path of a supernova will give you mild sunburn. Read the rest here.


New Starburst review. Evangeline is a fantastic supernatural vengeance horror from Canadian director Karen Lam, looking into the ideas of revenge and justice, and how far you can go until you become the thing you are fighting against. Did I mention it was awesome?

EvangelineWhen naive student Evangeline starts a new life at college she hopes to leave her lonely and tragic past behind her. However, after being brutalised and left for dead by a trio of psychotic frat boys, she merges with the sprit of a vengeance demon and begins striding down a path of violent revenge stained with blood and corpses. Read the rest here.


New Starburst review. Ouija is yet another tedious horror featuring pretty young things being menaced by some supernatural force they accidentally unleash and must search for a way to stop it. Yawn.

ouijaIf you couldn’t guess the general plot of the film from the title alone, after the mysterious suicide of a pretty blonde teenager her friends attempt to contact her using the titular game board to properly say goodbye, because the funeral and wake were apparently inadequate in this regard. But of course, it’s not a game – or you should “keep telling yourself it’s only a game,” as we are told by the eye roll-inducing tagline that some marketing gimp actually got paid to come up with – and the gormless young things become tormented by a restless spirit who’s, like, totally trying to warn them about something. Read the rest here.

El Gigante

New Starburst review. El Gigante is a short film full of brutal violence and grindhouse gore directed by an awesome Mexican girl named Gigi Saul Guerrero, who I will be interviewing at some point, hopefully in the not too distant future.

el giganteLike thousands of desperate Mexicans, all Armando wants is to start a new life in America. After a coyote fleeces him to take his wife and daughter over the border, he is left with no money to pay for his own passage. Lost in the desolation of the desert borderlands, what appears to be salvation ends up an agonising mauling at the hands of the monstrous luchador El Gigante. Read the rest here.