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When We Were Animals

When We Were Animals is a coming of age drama about a teenage girl trying to fit in with her friends in the supernaturally tainted town where they’re growing up. It was a bit pretentious and really not all that good. And despite the implication of the opening paragraph below, it’s nothing to do with werewolves.

When We Were AnimalsThe small town of Pale Miranda has a secret. Every full moon the teenagers go all call of the wild and riot naked through the town and the surrounding woods. Known as breaching, it’s seen as a rite of passage for all local young people. The awkward and isolated Lumen is sure she will never breach, nor experience the animalistic side of her peers. Read the rest here.


Blood Punch

Blood Punch asks the question of what do you get when veterans of children’s TV set out to make a horror/comedy/drama/crime/sci-fi movie starring a trio of twentysomething New Zealanders from a previous iteration of Power Rangers? The answer is something pretty damn awesome.

Blood PunchMeth cook Milo is broken out of a rehab clinic by alluring bad girl Skyler and her psychotic cop boyfriend Russell in order to manufacture a huge amount of drugs in a single day. The secluded cabin where they hole up soon becomes the setting for a tale of madness, chaos and death. Read the rest here.

Demon Road

Demon Road is a new young adult novel from Skulduggery Pleasant author Derek Landy. Mixing horror and fantay with a touch of teenage angst, it’s a never-ending road trip of legends, monsters and yes, demons. I enjoyed it.

Demon RoadAmber is not having a good day. First: she’s just found out that her parents are demons, and so is she. Second: they and their friends are going to kill and devour her to absorb her demonic energy as they have been doing with all their previous children over the last century. To escape she goes on the run aided by mysterious driver Milo, who may or may not be the manifestation of an urban legend, and Glen, a talkative and slightly annoying young Irish man doomed by a death curse. Together they travel the Demon Road, a metaphysical highway linking the supernatural underworld that hides in plain sight throughout the dark heart of America. Read the rest here.

Purity Ring #1

Purity Ring is a series that mashes together the concept of pledges of teenage virtue with the tropes of slasher movies. Great fun.

Purity RingThe eve of a tragedy’s first anniversary sees a murderer begin to stalk the quiet streets of Wexworth, a small town dripping with classic Americana where the annual Purity Ball is the highlight of the social calendar. But like any place whose populace make a concerted effort to convince themselves how perfect life there is, it soon becomes apparent that things are anything but. Read the rest here.

City of Lost Souls

City of Lost Souls is a gleefully violent and depraved horror comic about a dead serial killer haunted by the ghosts of his victims searching for a way to free them all from their purgatorial limbo.

City of Lost SoulsAlthough City of Lost Souls unflinchingly showcases the utter nadir of human nature in bursts of brutal fury, the dialogue manages to mine a vein of dark humour that prevents it becoming too disheartening, while the artwork continues to delight in the gleeful depravity of onomatopoeic viscera

Read the review of issue #2 here amd issue #3 here.


Star Leaf

Star Leaf is a independent sci-fi horror, full of trippy visuals and drug humour, but is also a lot deeper than the average stoner comedy.

Star LeafIn a short space of time Star Leaf manages to build interesting characters and efficiently convey a number of ideas without glossing over them or cramming them in, thus providing, like the journey of its characters, a slightly bewildering but ultimately fulfilling experience.

Read the rest here.

Vietnam Zombie Holocaust

Vietnam Zombie Holocaust is a mental and violent horror war comic. Its title really does sum up everything you need to know about it.

Vietnam Zombie HolocaustWar, as they say, is hell. As if being shipped out to a tropical inferno where death by sniper bullet can descend from every treetop, a unit of Vietnam GIs also have to contend with a rogue platoon of zombie soldiers created by a scientist who appears to be a cross between Herbert West and Tony Stark’s evil brother. Their deployment was intended to win Nixon the war, but in the best tradition of mad science being unleashed untested into a hostile environment, it has all gone horribly, horribly wrong. The first two issues are linked below.

Issue #1

Issue #2