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The Copper Gauntlet

The second in the Magisterium series of YA fantasy novels, The Copper Gauntlet continues the secret war of its teenage mages against a megalomaniacal necromancer.

The Copper GauntletThe Copper Gauntlet returns us to the world of the Magisterium mage school and the continuing adventures of Call Hunt and his friends. When we last left Call he had just discovered that he is the reincarnation of chaos mage the Enemy of Death, and after Call’s father steals a magical artefact that can destroy anything infused with chaos magic, Call is unsure whether or nor not his intention is to save him or kill him. Read the rest here.


Magisterium: The Iron Trial

New Starburst review. A young adult fantasy co-written by Spiderwick Chronicles author Holly Black and Mortal Instruments author Cassandra Clare, about a trio of teeagers selected to study at a school of magic where they learn to control their growing powers. No, it’s nothing like Harry Potter.

The Iron TrialThe sole survivor of a massacre when he was a baby, Callum Hunt grew up taught by his father that magic is dangerous and mages cannot be trusted. Despite his best efforts to be rejected, he is selected to study at the Magisterium, the school of magic where fledgling mages are taught to control their power. Along the way of learning the basics of mastering elemental forces, he also discovers a mystery surrounding his very existence. Read the rest here.