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Blood Punch

Blood Punch asks the question of what do you get when veterans of children’s TV set out to make a horror/comedy/drama/crime/sci-fi movie starring a trio of twentysomething New Zealanders from a previous iteration of Power Rangers? The answer is something pretty damn awesome.

Blood PunchMeth cook Milo is broken out of a rehab clinic by alluring bad girl Skyler and her psychotic cop boyfriend Russell in order to manufacture a huge amount of drugs in a single day. The secluded cabin where they hole up soon becomes the setting for a tale of madness, chaos and death. Read the rest here.


The 6 Voyages of Lone Sloane

The 6 Voyages of Lone Sloane is a lavish and lurid space opera of short but intense stories mixing pulp sci-fi with garish fantasy, all told in Baroque artwork. It’s pure ’70s and utterly glorious.

The 6 Voyages of Lone Sloane6 Voyages begins with space traveller Sloane being chosen by a sentient throne and taken to the mad priests of a dormant deity, where an experiment gone wrong imbues him with phenomenal cosmic power and accompanying madness, so beginning a ceaseless journey across the universe and encounters with the bizarre entities populating it. Read the rest here.

Zero World

Zero World is equal parts sci-fi, action thriller and espionage mystery. It first gradually draws you in to the seemingly impossible enigma of its setup, then throws you somewhere entirely unexpected.

Zero WorldPromised the greatest mission he’s ever faced, assassin Peter Caswell finds himself sent through a wormhole and transported to a planet that appears to be a less technologically advanced copy of Earth. There he must hunt down a missing scientist using her futuristic knowledge to play god with the world before any damage her actions cause becomes irreparable. Read the rest here.

Out of Time

Out of Time is a surreal but amusing one-shot comic about the employees of a corporate time travel company battling with office tedium and people wreaking havoc with the space-time continuum.

Out of TimeAs new girl Lizzie is shown the ropes by cynical time traveller Redmond, we are introduced to a bizarre set of people and a surreal world is haltingly revealed, her presence facilitating a series of vignettes that takes us through the incongruous everyday of futuristic life. Imagine the crew of Red Dwarf starring in a 2000AD Future Shock and you’ll be some of the way there. Read the rest here.

The Hive Construct

The Hive Construct is a fast-moving sci-fi with an enganging moral ambiguity and angry intensity.

The Hive ConstructThe metropolis of New Cairo is a domed city built within a massive crater and lit by an artificial sun. It’s also a high-tech powder keg teetering on the brink of all-out chaos. As a virus sweeps the city that targets the artificial limbs and organs almost everyone needs to survive, the poorer areas are the ones hit hardest. And when extreme inequality pushes people beyond breaking point, their response can be equally intense. Read the rest here.

Lock In

Lock In is a sci-fi police prcedural in a world where lock-in syndrome has become epidemic and technology has allowed such people to mentally control androids to interact with the world. Then murders happen.

Lock InEngagingly merging sci fi with police procedural is a neat idea with nigh on limitless potential, and while Lock In never veers towards outright comedy, Scalzi’s talent for balancing tone prevents the story from ever becoming too serious, and thus consistently remains an absorbing read. Read the rest here.

Star Leaf

Star Leaf is a independent sci-fi horror, full of trippy visuals and drug humour, but is also a lot deeper than the average stoner comedy.

Star LeafIn a short space of time Star Leaf manages to build interesting characters and efficiently convey a number of ideas without glossing over them or cramming them in, thus providing, like the journey of its characters, a slightly bewildering but ultimately fulfilling experience.

Read the rest here.